Common Car Dealer Scams and Tips to avoid them (part 1)

Common Car Dealer Scams and Tips to avoid them (part 1)


Car buying process would be a real fun if there weren’t those tricky auto dealers with their common car dealer scams. There are nowadays various car scams, which are practiced every single day by some auto dealers and which are very often so naturally practices that the unsuspecting buyers do not even guess they have been cheated or ripped off. Now, we shall discuss some common car dealer scams and mention some useful tips to avoid them.

  • Misdirecting the buyer’s attention

Car dealers make benefits from payment buyers, as they are easy to manipulate. Payment buyers are those people who naively shift their attention from the car price to the monthly payment. For example, a car buyer may be offered to pay $300 monthly for a car worth $15000. This means that the buyer is going to pay the money for the rest 50 months. Is this possible? He is just going to pay for the car a whole lifetime! Besides, the auto dealer will surely invent some new scams to trick the car buyer during those 50 months as well. Now, in order to avoid such a car scam the buyer should concentrate not on the car price rather than the monthly payment. When you know what the exact car price is, the rest are details.

  • The low balling car scam

The low balling car scam is one of the most common car dealer scams. This is also one of the simplest scams as it involves trapping the buyer (or just a person who came to the dealership to see some cars) into negotiations. The dealer here starts convincing the buyer that he is going to lower the car price if they start negotiating at the moment. The dealer offers the buyer low interest rates and other tempting suggestions. But as a result it turns out that you buy a car at its actual price if not higher. The only way to avoidthis car scam is to be attentive enough to avoid such tempting offers as these.

  • The spraying car scam

When you go to a car dealership and test drive a car, but not buy one, you are sure to be a victim of this scam. The thing is that the auto dealers and salespeople will call you endlessly offering “low prices”, “new car models”, “special suggestions” and the rest. If you tell them you have already bought a car, they will be as impolite as to ask you how much you have paid for it. After learning this, they will upset you informing they “could have sold you the same model at a lower price”.

To avoid this cars scam, you should just refuse to give your phone number to the dealer or salesperson.

As you can see we have started a series devoted to common car dealer scams and tricks, by following our web page you will be informed about the latest and the most dangerous car dealer scams.