Common Car Dealer Scams and Tips to avoid them (part 2)

Common Car Dealer Scams and Tips to avoid them (part 2)


Today we are going to continue what we started yesterday, this means we are going to speak about the rest of the most common car dealer scams and we are also going to give you useful tips to avoid those car scams.

  • The Puppy Dog Car Dealer Scam

You go to the dealership, test drive a car and suddenly, the auto dealer offers you to take the car home for the next 24 hours. The concept is that you can thus experience a full ownership of the car as compared with the test drive which may last maximum 30 minutes. But there are secret motives for this step on the part of the dealer; the thing is that by letting you take the car home, he wants you to get attached to that brand new dream car. When you take the car home, all your friends, neighbors, acquaintances and family members see that, some of them will praise you for your right choice, others may even envy you. After all this, a question arises; will you be eager to buy this new shining car or to go back to your old vehicle? The answer is that you will certainly prefer the new one and it will be so easy for the dealer to manipulate you to buy it at an extraordinarily high price.

In order to avoid this car dealer scam you should keep your emotions under control. Think, do you really need to take the car home? Of course not. A simple visual car inspection and a test drive will give you a thorough impression about the car.

  • Today Only Price Car Dealer Scam

Imagine you are at the dealership and you are looking for a car. You seem to like a car and the sly dealer offers you a certain price for the car, saying it is a special offer for that day only. This scam is one of the most common car dealer scams as it again focuses on the buyer’s emotions. This car dealer scam will make you think that it is the best deal you could ever have. Accordingly, you will rush to sign the purchase contracts as soon as possible without even inquiring what other dealerships can offer.

Here again, to avoid such a car scam, you need not rely on your emotions only. Use common sense, try to test drive various cars and visit various dealerships before making a final decision.

As you can see, these were the two common car dealer scams we wanted to inform you about. These were the scams of the type which focus on the buyer’s emotions not letting him to make a conscious choice. Thus, to avoid such car scams you need to have strong will to be able to resist all kinds of temptations.