Several classic Car Scams used by Auto Dealers (part 1)

classic car scams

This article will be introduce to you several classic car scams . As you may already know, some car dealers prefer using various fraudulent methods for getting extra profit in a vehicle deal. Knowing about these types of scams will help you avoid them easily and without much trouble.

  • “Bait and Switch”

This is a typical vehicle advertisement fraud type used to lure potential car buyers into the dealership. As soon as the buyer is there, the salesperson would tell them the offer (usually advertised in a local newspaper) has expired. Instead, the potential buyer will be introduced to another vehicle with a higher price.

This trick works rather effectively, as the person enters the dealership full of high expectations. So it is easier to convince him/her to get into another deal no matter whether the terms and conditions are stricter and the price is higher than of the offer advertised in the newspaper. Read our article on How to avoid the “Bait and Switch” scam.

  • “One day only” scam

This one is another classic car scam when the salesperson tells the potential buyer that it is the last day of  a rebate. The salesperson convince the customer  to buy the vehicle on that same day as he/she believes that the rebate will not work for the next day. The truth is that the salesperson tells a simple lie to make the customer buy a vehicle.

  • “Add-ons” scam

Usually, most fraudulent dealers would pressure a car buyer into purchasing add-ons with the vehicle. Such add-ons can be fabric protection, paint sealant, rust-proofing, alarm system and so on. They usually charge huge money for such add-ons. So, you should simply refuse to obtain them.

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