Dispute with dealer: Choosing a Right Lawyer

Dispute with dealer: Choosing a Right Lawyer

Nowadays car purchasing process is full of dangers. Unfortunately, many consumers get into dishonest dealers’ traps and become the victims of auto dealer frauds. Sometimes car shoppers invest a significant sum of money for obtaining their preferred model and show it proudly to everyone. However, after driving the vehicle for the certain timeframe, they discover that it is defective. It is difficult not fall into despair in such situations.  So, what to do? First of all, don’t panic, as it may complicate your condition even more. The smartest decision is seeking legal assistance. In other words, consider hiring the right lawyer who will fight for your rights. You should know that automobile buyers can rely on legal protection. Here you can find answers to the following questions: ‘’How the attorney can help you?’’ ‘’How to choose the right lawyer?’’

How an attorney can help you

To begin with, during your first meeting the attorney will request you to present certain facts and essential data. This is done to collect all the necessary information related to your case. Then, the lawyer will evaluate all the aspects of the vehicle purchase.  He/she will let you know about the options that you have in a current situation.  After analyzing your case, the attorney will give you a smart piece of advice whether it is worth filing a lawsuit. Usually, when there is a lemon law violation or auto dealer fraud, the client is encouraged to pursue a lawsuit. Actually, at any stage of your case you need an experienced attorney by your side to represent you zealously.

Typically, this process involves gathering all the data concerning the automobile purchase, also interviewing witnesses and conducting negotiations with dealers. To put simply, the right lawyer strives to protect your legal rights. All the efforts are made to make sure that you will have the most favorable outcome for your case.

Choosing the right lawyer

Generally speaking, the choice of the right lawyer is no easy task. It requires a lot of research and attention to details.  As a rule, many lawyers offer clients free consultations. The aim is to analyze the situation in detail. So, you should take advantage of this situation and ask the attorney several vital questions. This will help you understand whether the attorney meets your requirements. Here are questions that we recommend you to ask your potential lawyer.

What is your experience in this field?

In this way, you will find out how long the attorney has practiced law. You will understand whether the lawyer is a beginner or has many years of experience. Definitely, the lawyer who has a considerable work experience may have handled many cases.

 What type of cases do you mainly handle?

This is the key to having a clear idea of the lawyer’s expertise.  You will discover exactly how much of his/her practice is devoted to the topic area of your legal issue.

 Who are your clients?

Generally, this question is not always in the center of clients’ attention. In other words, they frequently ignore it. But it is vital and here is why. For example, there are lawyers whose typical clients are corporations, not individuals. So, before hiring such a lawyer, ask yourself this question, ‘’Is it wise to turn to this lawyer? ‘’Will he/she handle my case appropriately?’’ Furthermore, you can also have access to the financial background of the attorney’s clients, which is also important.

How many similar cases have you handled?

Don’t forget to ask this question. At this point, you can explore the lawyer’s track record which includes useful information. For instance, the number of cases that the attorney won.

What are your fees?

Definitely, this is ‘’ a -must -ask’’ question.  The financial part is the most important stage of any meeting. You can determine whether you can afford the attorney’s services. Make sure to ask the lawyer to clarify exactly how you should make payments.

What is your approach to representing my case?

The approach and philosophy of the attorney can have a considerable impact on your decision-making process. For example, if you are seeking an aggressive attorney, most probably you will want to deal with a professional who isn’t scared to push the envelope.

What kind of outcome should I expect in my case?

It goes without saying that you had better ask the attorney about your chances of winning the case. At this case, you will succeed in preparing yourself for what lies ahead.

Whether you are the victim of auto dealer fraud or deal with lemon vehicles, you need a trustworthy by your side. The attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm can be your best choice.  They are knowledgeable professionals, who succeed in handling both auto dealer fraud and lemon law cases properly.