Odometer Fraud Cases

odometer fraud californiaUsually, car dealers bring the same excuses over and over in the odometer fraud cases. Most common excuses used in the odometer fraud cases are the following:
• first, the dealer would claim that there is simply an error and that the odometer was not really rolled back;
• if it turns out that the fraud did occur, the dealer would pretend to be as much a victim as the car buyer. He will claim that the dealer has been in car business for many years, and taking into consideration the penalties involved in auto fraud, would never deliberately temper an odometer.
• in the end, the dealer may suggest that the consumer has received substantial use of the vehicle which should offset any claim.

In cases involving odometer fraud dealers usually use tactic called the “4 D’s”: delay, deny, distract, and deceive. The dealer is almost always aware that odometer fraud occurred, though a third party, two or three levels removed from the dealer is responsible for rollbacks. The car dealer is responsible for the vehicle sold at his dealership and if the vehicle is with altered odometer, the dealership is liable to locate the responsible party. We recommend that the customers who think they are a victim of odometer fraud contact an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney.

Auto dealer fraud cases may take months to settle. It takes a day for car dealers to prepare all the paperwork for the car purchase. However, things don’t go that fast when you contact them about an odometer fraud claim.


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