Car Window Etching

Car window etching is believed to be a kind of vehicle protection means which is designed to perform an anti-theft function. Window etching involves sticking a note with the VIN of the car onto the car’s windows, doors and other larger parts. Many people believe that a thief will avoid stealing a car with etched windows, as later on, the car parts or the car itself will be identified as another person’s possession.

Car window etching now performs another function as well, which is becoming quite popular as compared with the above mentioned anti-theft function. This second function involves mostly insurance services. Here, you will not see any engravings or acid etchings on the car parts, but rather a sicker or two that show that the car is under certain insurance against any thefts.

As you can see, the car window etching is nowadays turning into a kind of warranty coverage according to which if your vehicle is stolen and not returned within 30 days, you will be remedied for it for a certain amount of money.

You will be paid about $2500 if the vehicle is not returned within 30 days or if after being returned it is titled as a total loss. If after being returned, the vehicle has some minor problems or damages, then you will be paid about $500.

Now, let’s see whether the etching can turn into a scam or not. The car window etching scam occurs when the dealer tries to rip-off the car buyer by using different tricks when preparing and signing the documents.  The car window etching turns into a car scamwhen:

  • The “car window etching” section is put into your contract without your knowledge
  • The dealer tells you it is an obligatory feature.
  • The dealer doesn’t perform window etching, but ensures you he had done.
  • The dealer requires a huge amount of money from you for window etching your car (the amount ranges from $200-$2,500).

Usually, honest dealers charge about $50 for this service. If you want to protect your car from being stolen, you can just buy the etching kit for $30 and stick the notes to your car widows yourself. Also, in order not to fall a victim of the car window etching scam, read all the documents (including the fine print) very carefully.