Car Title Fraud Prevention

Car title fraud is the act of deliberately misrepresenting the car’s title history. This is a big issue in US as the states have different approaches to what constitutes a “salvaged car”. The frequency of car title fraud leaves a heavy stain on the car buying process.

There are different ways for determining car title fraud. The first and primary advice for avoiding this car scam is to conduct a proper inspection and ensure that you are getting the original title. However, if you have been defrauded and own a car with a bad title, you may still seek legal restitution by turning to an experienced car lawyer.

The only solution that may finally settle this problem will be the federal government’s decision on what is considered a ‘salvaged car’ so that there isn’t a discrepancy between states.

But until that happens, here are a few simple steps for the purchaser to avoid car title fraud.

-Perform a vehicle title history check for any vehicle made after 1981. This protects the purchaser and ensures that the vehicle being purchased has a title that accurately reflects its history.

-Purchase car title insurance. This will save hundreds of dollars if the buyer runs into a fraudulent title.

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