Detect Car Shipping Fraud Websites

Detect Car Shipping Fraud Websites

The amount of shipping fraud websites that offer car shipping and transportation is increasing constantly. With this growth, fake trucking company sites, which are not a company at all, but a scammer attempting to attract victims, are becoming more and more frequent.

Such shipping fraud websites frequently duplicate a legitimate car transport company website. After a visitor comes to these sites, he/she has returned a very reasonable car shipping quote with guidelines for payment. As soon as the visitor makes a payment, he/she is out their cash! Fortunately, this kind of scam is rather simple to detect. Here are some ideas on identifying online car fraud attempts and scamful shipping fraud websites.

1. Avoid websites that recommend utilizing a wire transfer. Legitimate car shippers don’t need wire transfer payment; they accept payment methods which offer consumer protections, such as credit cards.

2. Make sure the tackle in the deal with bar matches the name of the website; otherwise it’s a danger sign.

3. Grammatical mistakes and typos may be a sign that you deal with a hasty scammer rather than a true company.

4. Find the contact details and contact the administration. Fake shipping fraud websites generally list either a non-operating cell phone number or do not provide any contact detail at all.

5. Search the name of the company on major search engines. Established businesses will return several authentic results that reference the true company whereas phony websites won’t.

6. Ask for references. If the company is genuine, they will easily agree to present you with references you can call or email.

Follow these online car scams’ checklist to avoid any possible rip-offs. For other car buying scams and ways to avoid car dealer fraud, check our blog.