Car Scams Scenarios

Car Scams Scenarios

You don’t have to try hard to find a car buyer who has been scammed by a dealer. The possibility of becoming a victim of various car scams increases especially in big cities. Here are some car scams you should know about in case you are going to make an important purchase like that of buying a car.

• Be aware from a dealer who says something like “With your credit score you cannot qualify for competitive financing rate.” The statement may only be true if you were in a habit of missing your payments previously. Some dealers often make profit on the unawareness of the car buyer by offering them higher rates. So keep a good track of your payments and not miss out due dates.

• A dealer might trick you in quoting a wrong price of the car. Search the web to learn the correct price and make sure that the dealer is not cheating you. Many websites can tell you about the real prices, rebates and incentives.

• The car dealer may provide you a really lower payment to be paid per month. He might offer to get the car for $250 per month. This may mean that your down payment is a large sum or the term holds for many months. So before considering the purchase, look at the total price of the car. Calculate how much you will have to pay monthly and never ask this question from the car dealer, instead offer him/her your terms by saying something like, “I will be able to afford the car by paying this amount.”

These were some scams and solutions from, however the car scams do not end here. Just stay alert regardless of under what circumstances you are buying a car and you won’t need the help of a CA dealer fraud attorney in the future.