Car Dealer Tricks to Help Car Salesman Sell Cars
  1. Keeping the Trade Keys: The idea is to get the keys to your trade-in so you can’t leave without getting the keys back from the salesman or sales manager. In fact, keeping you captive they try to sell you a car without you getting up and leaving. In case you demand your keys back, surely, you would not have any problem getting them back. Usually, dealers understand the upset customer is not very likely to buy a car.
  2. Pulling the Keys: Dealers usually use this trick of pulling the keys to help move negotiations forward. While the salesman and customer are negotiating another salesman will come and ask for the keys to the car they are negotiating to buy. The customer will either give consent to buy the car or they will turn out to be more agreeable during negotiations. The car salesman will take the car and park it behind the building or somewhere and stay out of sight until the accomplishment of the deal. Only if the buyer is serious about that specific car it can work.
  3. Pre-Installed Accessories: A common car dealer trick to add accessories on a new car that is a popular model. As it is a popular model many customers will be eager to have that model and colour, but as soon as they want to buy that car the buyer must also pay for the installed accessories. This trick can add anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to a thousand to purchase price of the car. These accessories generally have a high price and can add quite a nice extra profit for the car dealer and a nice commission for the car salesman.

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