Car Dealer Scams: Car Sales Tactics Part II

Car Dealer Scams: Car Sales Tactics Part II

Going on with the exploration of auto dealer car sales tactics we will now reveal some of the common car dealer scams practiced by some sly dealers.

  • This car sales tactics is sometimes referred to as “misplaced keys”. It happens when a car consumer who wants to trade-in his old car goes to the dealership taking the car keys and the documents with him. Taking the car title and all the documents is a sign that the car consumer is a serious buyer.

However, serious buyers also can be trapped by simple tricks. The scenario of the scam is as follows; the dealer starts the negotiations, some minutes later, the buyer decides to walk away because the car price doesn’t suit him. The car buyer is then detained for some time because his keys and/or the documents have disappeared mysteriously. During the time the manager is trying to find them, the dealer traps the car consumer into agreeing on a certain price.

This is one of the simplest car dealer scams. You can avoid it by telling the dealer that your car documents are not with you at the moment or they are in your glove box. After negotiating the price you can afford, you may simply show them the documents and thus avoid being scammed.

  • Another common car sales tactic is called “delay game”.

Let’s imagine that you go to the dealer to trade-in your car. You start the negotiations and you ask them whether they can take a lower offer or not. The manager or the salesperson tells you he has to talk it over with his boss, and then he disappears for 25-30 minutes. You are waiting and getting bored then disappointed and then you lose your patience and you are ready to pay whatever they want. This car sales tactic is again one of the most common car dealer scams which really works and the dealers really highly benefit from it.

In order to avoid being trapped into paying huge amounts, you can just say you are in a hurry and you need to go through several other dealerships. Tell the manager you are giving him, say, 5 minutes and if he won’t come back within those minutes, you will stand up and leave. Be sure, after such words, they will manage all their questions within a minute, if not less.