Auto Dealer Scams: Car Sales Tactics Part I

Auto Dealer Scams: Car Sales Tactics Part I

In our previous articles we have discussed rather severe cases of auto dealer scams, this time we are going to speak about some car sales tactics which are somehow light and which are so often practised by auto dealers. Here they are;

  • These car scales tactics are called “low monthly payments” tactic. Here the auto dealer will start not the car price negotiations but monthly payments negotiations, thus trying to shift the car consumer’s attention from the car price to the monthly payments. The auto dealer will gradually reduce the amount of monthly payments; offering for example $300, then $200 or $190 per month. But of course, they will not mention about the extra-high down payment you will have to pay, they will also skip the part about the prolonged loan period, as, if you are paying $200-$300 monthly payments, you may have to pay that money for about 60 months and more.

You can easily notice that this is not the best deal for you. So, in order to avoid such experiences and auto dealer scams, tell the dealer you want the exact price of the car, not the amount of monthly payments you are going to pay. Knowing the exact car price is crucial, as the rest is just math.

  • Another car sales tactics is the so called “guilt trip” the main aim of which is to influence the car consumer emotionally. Auto dealer scams like this, really work. A dealer – to be able to practice the scam – furnishes his room with family photos, paintings made by his children. The auto dealer may even tell stories about his family or just complain about the financial crisis they are suffering.

Our advice; never believe or never be so emotional as to be touched by such stories. In many cases these people even do not have children, this is a simple car sales tactic the aim of which is to convince you not to try negotiating car prices but to hurry to pay the money to be able to help those “poor” people at least in that way.

There are other auto dealer scams we are going to discuss in our next articles, don’t miss the chance to be the first person to read them.