Car Repair Scams. Tips to Avoid It!

Auto repair plaints make up the largest group of consumer grievances. Many of these involve car repair scams.

Auto repair troubles compensate the largest group of consumer complaints. According to the statistics consumers usually lose billions of dollars each year due to faulty or unnecessary car repairs. Whereas the most part of repair shops are honest, undercover car repair stings find dishonest auto mechanics and shops in most areas of the country.

It’s not so difficult for a bad mechanic to persuade car owners that unnecessary repairs are needed because the normal person doesn’t know much about their cars. People often have no idea they’ve been ripped off. This makes proving auto repair fraud difficult. Even those that suspect they’ve been scammed don’t know what to do in order to make their case.

Here is one of the most common car repair scams. Keep these in mind the next time you need to have your car worked on.

Repair Estimate Scams

Those consumers who never get written repair costs can undergo the consequences when they pick up their cars. This kind of problem arises when a shop provides a very reasonable quote when the car is dropped off, but at the end of the day, the consumer finds that the shop has raised the final bill considerably from the verbal quote. This may seem to be entirely legal; as many mechanics find additional problems with a vehicle once work begins. Shop owners and mechanics have been known to leave the estimated amounts blank when they ask customers to sign repair authorizations. After they fill in an inflated amount or descriptions of problems after the consumer leaves the premises.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of any of the above car repair scams, contact a good car dealer fraud attorney.