Car Paint Sealant Scam. How to detect and avoid it.

Car Paint Sealant Scam. How to detect and avoid it.

If you are a constant follower of this blog you may have already read about the add-ons scam that some fraudulent dealers practice. The scam involves advertising and selling services and/or products along with the sale of the car. Unfortunately, these services and products are usually unnecessary things that dealers use to make extra money on.

Some of the services is the service of car window etching. Another product advertised by the dealer is the extended warranty or the so-called service contract. The thing is that the dealer sells these products at incredibly high prices. Very often, unsuspecting car buyers do not even notice the fact that they are paying too much money for things they do not even need.

For example, a simple window etching kit may cost about $50, while the dealer may charge hundreds of dollars for sticking one to your car window.

So today we are going to speak about another new, though already common add-on scam that is called car paint sealant scam.

Here the dealer convinces new car buyers that the car paint sealant has been applied to the car. The sealant is believed to protect the car from dirt, smog and other unpleasant things. The whole thing with the car paint sealant scam is that the dealers usually charge from $200 to $1000 for the service.

Unfortunately for the naïve new car buyers, the so-called car paint sealant is nothing more than a simple car wax that is usually applied to used cars. So, a few weeks later, the vehicle owner will notice that none of the properties of the car paint sealant mentioned by the dealer work.

As you see, car paint sealant scam is one of the simplest yet unpleasant scams a dealer may practice. There is only one way to avoid being scammed like this: you need not pay for the sealant. if you feel the car dealer is too sticky and persistent about the sealant, just walk away from the dealership!