Number Plate Cloning

Number Plate CloningNumber plate cloning is a wide spread problem in the world. The thieves “clone” car number plates and as a result clone the identity of a vehicle- meaning any speeding fines or violations of traffic will be recorded against the legitimate car which has been cloned.

How does it work?

The theory of cloning number plates or vehicles begins as a thief acquires a vehicle, by finding a similar vehicle and noting the number plate – the criminal then proceeds to have a set of number plates made.
By having this new number plates on his own car – the thief has “cloned” the car – there are now two car models on the road with the same number plates.

Some thieves actually steal the number plates from the vehicle rather than having a new set made. This crime is apparently far easier to trace as the number plates are stolen- but a thief who has a set of number plates made to your registration will not become evident until you receive a speeding ticket or parking fine.

How to detect it

If your number plates are stolen – it’s clear you may be the victim of number plate cloning– it’s worth calling the police to make them aware your plates have been stolen in the first instance.

Secondly you will need to be watchful as over the coming weeks / months if the stolen number plates are used on a car and the law is broken- you will need to be able to prove that it wasn’t you and it actually was the vehicle with the stolen plates.

Thieves who clone number plates instead of stealing them are harder to discover- if you receive any penalty charge notices through the post the only way to prove the vehicle isn’t yours is by closely identifying any window stickers or distinctive marks on the car.

How to prevent it

Preventing number plate cloning at this time is only possibly by physically securing your number plates so they cannot be stolen from your vehicle.