Examples of Car Misrepresentations

Car MisrepresentationsThere are numerous types of car misrepresentation, but the most commonly used are the following:

  1. The dealer may inform you that the vehicle is new, when in fact it is used or reconditioned. Remember, that if the vehicle has several miles on the odometer, it was not likely a “new” vehicle.
  2. The dealer may also give inaccurate representation concerning the quality or benefits of the vehicle.
  3. Often, the dealer will fail to disclose information regarding the history of the vehicle. For example he may hide that the vehicle was a “demonstrator,” was previously totaled due to body damage or flood, has a salvaged title, was a previous “lemon law buy-back”, was involved in an accident involving damage to the frame and any other problem concerning the vehicle which he is required to disclose.
  4. Car dealers will try to get you in a deal and purchase a car “As-Is”. In this case any problem that you may discover after the purchase is your problem, not the dealer’s. The sale of the “As-Is” vehicle may be based upon misrepresentation of the vehicle, its mechanical condition and basic safety features as brakes, brake lights, turn signals, lights, etc. Remember that car dealers are required to perform safety check on the used vehicles, to make sure the vehicle is safe.
  5. One of the most commonly used types of car misrepresentations can be found at any used car dealership catering to individuals with bad credit, who are often persuaded to buy pieces of junk for over-inflated sales prices and interest rates. Consumer with bad credit score think that no one else will sell them a car and agree to pay large down-payments on useless vehicles so they can get to work and pay their bills. However, later they discover that they spend huge amount of money on repairs to a vehicle that should be retired.

We have listed only a few examples of dealer misrepresentation. If you think that the car dealer misrepresented the vehicle during the sale process contact a qualified dealer fraud attorney for a consultation.

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