Odometer Fraud or Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Car Mileage

Odometer Fraud or Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Car Mileage

Fraudulent misrepresentation of car mileage or odometer fraud is one of the oldest examples of car dealer fraud. It is a serious car crime and is punishable both by state and federal laws. Despite this fact, car mileage fraud is still very common in the automotive sphere.

In 2002 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a research and the data gathered by them showed that about 450,000 cars with odometer rollback are sold each year. So, imagine how profitable this type of fraud is for some fraudulent vehicle sellers and dealers. It is estimated that for each mile tampered these people make a profit of up to 10 cents, this makes a huge amount of money at the end.

Odometer fraud allows fraudulent car dealers and sellers to sell vehicles at higher costs. However, when the car owner finds out his/her car odometer has been tampered with, the car’s value drops immediately and significantly.

It is important to note that car dealers are not always responsible for car mileage fraud, as they very often buy cars form wholesalers who tamper with the odometers themselves and sell them without proper disclosure.

We offer you some tips to avoid car odometer fraud:

  • Perform a visual inspection of the car and the odometer, especially. See whether the numbers on the odometer gauge are aligned evenly or not.
  • If the car odometer shows 20,000-23,000 miles on it, the tires should be the original ones. If the tires are quite new, then you should be skeptical about it.
  • Ask to see the Vehicle History Report. You can even order it from such services as CarFax or Autocheck.
  • Compare the mileage on the odometer with the mileage fixed in the documents.
  • Ask the dealer to let you show the car to your regular auto mechanic.

And our last tip is that if, however, you have unknowingly purchased a car with mileage rollback, you can turn to an auto dealer fraud attorney for legal help and a free phone consultation.