Dealer Fraud – Car Leasing Scam

dealer fraud, car leasing scam”Dealer will make the remaining payments on your old lease if you will lease a new car from us today”. This is a car leasing scam. This type of dealer fraud has become a big problem from most consumers.

The car dealer makes the consumer believe that the dealership is generally taking over responsibility for the lease. However, the truth is that the dealer simply makes your remaining payments and returns the car to the lease company for you. In case when your car has damages or excessive mileage, you will be the one to receive the bill from the lease company and not the dealer.

Also, if the dealer fails to make those final payments, the lease company will come to you, not the dealer. And you will be responsible if the dealer fails to return the car to the lease company. What can be even worse is that the dealer will typically add some and often all of those remaining payments back into the price of your new car.