3 Simple Practices of Car Dealers Tricks (part 2)

car dealers tricks

Car Dealers Tricks are numerous. The tricks convert various nuances and details. The more you get acquainted with  them, the better you will be able to protect yourself. And, of course, avoid further headaches and, finally, long lasting disappointment. We have already spoken about some typical practices of car dealers tricks. And correspondingly, it would be unfair to leave the rest of them behind.

Following car dealers tricks do deserve some of your attention.

  • Taking the Keys

This is a simple trick that many car dealers practice. let’s take the following scenario. The dealer and the car shopper are negotiating the price and other details of a certain car. Another salesperson enters the room and asks for the keys of the vehicle at question in order to show the vehicle to another buyer. This is a trick that usually makes the buyer feel as if someone else is going to take the car they liked. As a result of this trick, the buyer becomes more agreeable to the terms offered by the dealer.

  • Low or 0% Financing Rates

In the case of this trick, the dealer advertises 0% finance rate for the vehicle. Like in other tricky advertisements, car dealers tricks in this case is advertising its most important part in the fine print. Usually, there are so many requirements and restrictions mentioned in the fine print that only few people may afford buying the vehicle.

  • Monthly Payment Trick

People want to pay low monthly payments for their vehicles. The dealers know this and they practice the so called “monthly payment trick” to make extra profit on the deal. The monthly payment will really be a low one; however, the buyer may have to pay a huge down payment, car purchase taxes, and other high fees to get the car. Also, the total period during which the buyer will be paying for the vehicle will exceed 3 years. Is it worth it? Of course, not!

The best way to avoid becoming a victim of car dealer tricks is to do enough reading before entering the dealership. Auto dealers have got plenty of tricks to practice, so you should protect yourself with the knowledge of all those tricks. Follow our blog for more articles about dealer tricks and car buying advice.