Dealer Added Options as a Car Dealer Scam

Shrewd car dealers are constantly developing new and more aggressive sales scams to wind the car buyers up and snooze some extra money out of their wallet. One of the deceitful tactics widely practised by devious car dealers is dealer add-on, that aims at maximizing their profit. Dealer added options include devices, accessories or options installed on the vehicle by a dealer that did not initially come from the manufacturer. The additional devices or options are not usually approved by the manufacturer and thus, are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Dealers provide additional add-ons at extra cost as a part of the amount you are to pay for the car. The added amount may range from $150 to $2,000+ to the price of a car due to some overpriced dealer add-ons. The dealer will sometimes charge extra fees for things that have already been added to the vehicle at the factory, for example, fabric protection, rust proofing or paint sealant. As a result, you pay the dealer additional money for the things he/she actually did not have a mere connection with. Other typical dealer added options include vin-etching, wheel locks, graphics, chrome wheels,  sunroofs and many more. Among the most expensive dealer added options are reinforced bumpers, lift kits, body kits, custom truck conversions, and minivan conversion packages.

How to Avoid the Dealer Added Options Scam

Being aware of typical car dealer scams, included dealer added options, will significantly lower the possibilities of your becoming a dealer fraud victim. Here are some tips that will help you refrain from dealer added options scam and save you a good deal of money:

  • Do not take the salesperson’s word for it. Always take your time to walk around and inspect the dealer add-on sticker and addendum sticker yourself.
  • You are rightful to have the dealer remove the added options and accessories, thus, eliminating their cost from the overall amount.
  • You are allowed to have the dealer disclose in writing whether the car has dealer added options or not.
  • Make thorough research and get price quotes from other local dealers before contacting a car dealership, so as you will be able to calculate the car dealer’s real new car cost yourself.
  • Before getting too excited about the ‘’Big Sale’’ ad for the car you always desired, make sure there is not a notice with an asterisk like this “Price does not include DAO” (dealer added options).

The above-mentioned tips are the primary precautionary steps you can take to avoid dealer added option scams. Sometimes shrewd dealers act so professionally that it is almost impossible for an ordinary car buyer to notice and prevent the scam in time. The experienced and skillful dealer fraud attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm have long been protecting those who suffered in the result of car dealers’ fraudulent actions. Our knowledgeable dealer fraud attorneys are always ready to aggressively pursue the outcome you deserve.