Avoid Car Dealer Tricks

There is nothing worse than falling for car dealer tricks and letting the dealer to rob your hard earned money. You can avoid car sales scams if you enter the car dealership prepared. In this blog we will share 5 quick tips with you that you must know to avoid getting taken by a fraudulent car salesman.

  • Know your limit. Before entering the dealership know exactly how much you can afford to pay.  The car salesman’s job is to sell you a car and make a profit and they will always try to persuade you to spend more.  If you know your spending limit you will not leave the dealership regretting for laying out more money than you presupposed to.
  • Calculate the total cost. Many dealerships will plaster a sign on the vehicle windshield advertising a low monthly payment for it.  This can make you feel like you are getting a good deal but when you add up the total cost you find out you are actually overpaying.  This is one of the common car dealer tricks. Always calculate the total cost before signing.
  • Decline extras. This is a classic bait and switch. The salesman will give you a great price break on the car up-front only to load up his profits by adding a lot of unnecessary extras such as extended warranties, special paint sealants gap and insurance plans.  If you feel you don’t need any of these extras, simply refuse to pay for them.
  • “This deal is only good for today.” This is one of the most common car dealer tricks which is used to get you to buy the vehicle immediately.  The dealers’ fear is that if you go home and sleep on your decision you will not come back.
  • You can negotiate any price. It is good for you to know that any price may be negotiated at a car dealership.  Don’t get fooled into thinking that the sale terms are final.  Plan your car purchase on weekdays when the agents are not so busy to have a better chance of negotiating the price.