Car Dealer Tricks to Be Careful About

Car dealer tricks

Car dealer tricks are numerous and we would like to introduce you to some of them. With the help of these tricks some car dealers cheat and then rip off unsuspecting car shoppers and even lessees. Following are common car dealer tricks practiced by some auto dealers:

  • Advertisement Trick 

You see an advertisement in your local newspaper. The dealer advertises the car at a very low price. The car seems quite a nice one and when you call the dealership,he asks you to visit the showroom and look at the vehicle by yourself. As soon as you enter the dealership the dealer informs you that they have just sold the vehicle. The salesperson will look at you with eyes full of sorrow and lamenting and, of course, he will offer you another car that is very much like the one that you saw in the newspaper.

This is a common trick used to make people visit the dealership. As soon as you are there, the salespeople will do their best to make you purchase another vehicle at a higher price.

  • Urging you to purchase a Demo Car

Another common trick that dealers use to practice is urging the car shopper to buy the demo vehicle. Some people think that demo cars are as good as new ones. However, the truth is that demo vehicles are used in test drives. If you calculate how long a test drive takes and how many people have tested it, then you can see that demo vehicles are not like new cars at all.

  • Incomplete Paperwork

This is one of the most common car dealer tricks ever. The thing is that the dealer tells the car buyer they will complete the paperwork later on. When the car buyer leaves, the salesperson writes a higher car price than negotiated beforehand. In other cases, the dealer or the salesperson may add extra charges for unnecessary add-ons and other equipment.

You should do a preliminary research before entering a dealership. Keep on following our blog for more useful tips and pieces of advice.