Car Dealer Tactic

Car Dealer TacticIt’s known that usually salespeople advert prices of a car excluding the on-road costs. This is a common car dealer tactic. You should better always ask for the specific on-road costs to be included, otherwise the salesperson will most likely give you the excluding on-road costs price. No doubt, you have to be protected because your contract may be drawn up on this proviso. The thing is that the moment you sign the contract, the ‘quoted’ price of the car, will then be understated.

To make sure not to be involved in a car dealer tactic, you better shop around for car prices online. There, you’ll get a wide array of information on car trends, models, and car price range. Being informed with relevant information, you are at a much better bargaining position with the car dealer. You know what your used car is worth in the market, and you know how far a leeway you can go without losing too much at the bargaining table.