Avoid Car Dealer Scams by Using These Simple Tips

Car dealer scams Car dealer scams happen more than you think it does. However, you can avoid them by being more careful and being more aware of the most common dealer tricks and secrets.

Keep in mind that dealers pretend that they are acting in your best interest, but, in fact, all they are concerned is making as much profit from the transaction as possible. They will try to add extra items and other product that you don’t need. Sometimes dealers will scam you into paying more than necessary. For example your car dealer may offer you a windshield etching to protect your car from theft. You can get this for only $25, but the dealer will charge you a lot more.

Do not get into the trick of affordable payment. This is another way to confuse you, does not matter how much the car’s cost is and how many fees they add, so long as you can make a certain monthly payment. The dealer will add certain fees to so called dealer prep cost. Do not sign any document if you haven’t negotiated the price and reviewed the paperwork. Car dealer scams like these happen almost every day.

The extended warranty is not mandatory and you need to decide if you need it or not. Also, make sure to be careful about the APR trick. This happens when the dealer calls you the next day and says that you were not approved. However, the dealer offers you another lender that will approve you. What the dealer does not tell you is that your interest rate has gone up. It would be better if you get financing before looking for a car.