Spot a Car Dealer Scam

Spot a Car Dealer Scam

There are car dealers in the industry that scam customers without even blinking an eye. If you intend to buy a new or used car and want to avoid being a victim of dealer fraud, then you should be well prepared with the best knowledge about most common dealer tricks, tactics and strategies used to make you pay more.

Remember, that a car dealer scam may start when you pull into the dealership lot. So be prepared even before you go to the dealer’s lot and talk to the dealer. If the car dealer notices that you are just starting to look and are not sure about the mark and price of the vehicle he will probably try to use the opportunity and play on your emotions. Thus, the dealer may talk you into a car deal that you are less than satisfied with.

Before going to the car dealership define for yourself what cars you are interested in. Do some research to find out the cost of the vehicle you consider to purchase.

When you find the car you like don’t show it to the car dealer. Always start your negotiations low. The car dealer will probably negotiate as high as he can, so if you start low you will be able to settle at a mid-range price that feels right.

Keep in mind that most consumers that become victims of a car dealer scam are those who are not well prepared. Get as much information as you can and you will be able to get a great deal on a car you love.