Car Dealer Pressure Techniques and Tricks

Car Dealer Pressure Techniques and Tricks

Every car buyer can become a victim of dealer fraud, especially if you go to a dealership without being aware of common dealer tricks and dealer pressure techniques. Thus you can end up paying hundreds or even thousands more on your car deal.

Following are the most common car dealer tricks that come directly from a car dealer.

1. Remember that all car dealers are master negotiators and are trained on dealer pressure techniques and strategies. Often the sales staff of dealerships is offered formal or informal courses in persuasion. So it is very easy for the salesperson to talk you into a purchase.

2. “The deal won’t be here tomorrow!” This is one of the most common car dealer tricks. In fact, the salesman is afraid to let you leave the dealership, as he knows that if you have time to think the deal over you are not likely to come back. The truth is you will still be able to buy the car tomorrow, so take some time to make a decision.

3. The Back End scam happens when the dealer loads up profits. A sales agent may offer you a good deal on a car and then sell you a lot of overpriced extras. Avoid this scam by refusing all extras on a used car.

4. A car dealer will probably try pressuring you to “close the deal now”. The salesman knows that the quicker you buy the sooner they can move on to the next customer. Don’t rush into the deal. If you feel pressured into deciding, simply walk away.

5. If you are uncomfortable or not very knowledgeable about cars it is a good idea to bring a friend or a spouse with you. Someone who knows more about car buying can save you hundreds or even thousands on your purchase.

6. Remember that the first offer of the Salesman will be very high. This is why you should start your negotiations low, so you can meet in the middle at an acceptable price.

You can avoid car dealer pressure techniques if you understand the main sales tactics and tricks used by dealers.