3 Common Examples of Car Dealer Misrepresentation

When buying a car from a dealer, one might get into trouble due to car dealer misrepresentation. Following are 3 car dealer misrepresentation cases to know about before entering a dealership.

Financing Fraud

The scenario is simple; the dealer may try to convince you that your credit score is too low. And that you can qualify for financing only if you pay higher interest rates. One way to avoid becoming a victim of financing fraud is to get your credit score report on your own. There are different ways to learn your credit score free of charge. Let the dealer know that you possess your credit score information and that they cannot trap you with those dirty tricks.

Hiding a Previous Lemon or a Wreck

Buying a used car does not always mean you are going to encounter a previous Lemon or a wreck. However, if you are unlucky enough to meet a tricky car dealer, then he might try to push forward wrecked cars or Lemon law buybacks. Wrecked vehicles usually come with serious safety problems. That’s why no one would rather purchase a wrecked car. You can easily avoid doing it if you perform a thorough vehicle examination.

Buying an Auto Service Contract

It really sounds good. A service contract is a promise to perform certain repairs and particular services in case of necessity. Though often dealers represent the service contract as extended warranty, it appears to be quite a different thing. The difference refers to how the federal law explains these two concepts.

As you see, purchasing a vehicle might be tricky. But you can avoid becoming victims of car dealer misrepresentation if you do some research before visiting the dealership.

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