Car Dealer Fraud: Get These Questions Answered (2)

Car Dealer Fraud: Get These Questions Answered (2)

Do your homework accurately before entering the car dealership to avoid the potential threat of becoming a car dealer fraud victim. Here are some useful questions to ask a used car dealer:

1.    What is the dealership’s return policy?

High-pressure dealerships will most likely laugh at this question. However, a consumer friendly car dealership will probably give you time to rethink the purchase and at least provide you equal value. No dealership is going to offer you cash back.

2.    What is your cash price for this used car?

Cash is king, even at used car dealerships.

3.    What new equipment comes as part of the purchase?

See if you can get the dealer to throw in e.g. a set of new tires. If the used car’s mileage is approaching 100,000 a timing belt might be a nice touch.

4.    What service has the car dealership performed on the used car since acquiring it?

This helps you to determine what value you’re getting for your purchase.

5.    Do you take trade-ins?

In case the dealership handles this for you it will make your life a lot easier.

6.    Is a CarFax report provided before purchase?

A reputable dealership will have no problem with this. Make sure the report’s VIN (vehicle identification number) matches the VIN on the used car you’re looking at.

With the help of these questions, hopefully you will not need a car dealer fraud attorney’s help in the future.