Car Dealer Add-ons: How to Spot Them?

Car dealer add-ons are used to rip off unsuspecting car buyers and to make more money from a deal. Add-ons are usually listed on a sticker next to the manufacturer’s official window sticker. It makes the add-on sticker look official. Furthermore, the sticker is phrased quite carefully so that customers do not ask challenging questions concerning its content. The add-on window sticker usually lists all the options and accessories that are offered with the car. The prices of those services are also provided.

What is Included in Car Dealer Add-ons?

Car dealer add-ons can involve optional alloy wheels, alarm systems, paint protection kits, interior sealant packages and so on. But not all of these things are necessary on a car. For example, a paint protection package may cost rather high, though is has the same effect as a regular coat of car wax has.

People usually think services listed on a window sticker are mandatory when in reality they are not. Hence, never opt for a service or an accessory that you do not need. A dealer may offer you to choose between a warranty and an insurance package. A common buyer may think that he/she is obliged to take one of these two. However, you can opt-out if you do not want those services.

A dealer may also offer you such identification services as theft protection and recovery. However, these services may not be as reliable as the salespeople claim. Similarly, VIN etching is considered by some people to be a good way of theft protection; however, it may be useful only in the case when a vehicle is stolen to be dismantled.

How to Deal with Dealer Add-Ons?

Dealers often ask for different fees, such as; a documentation fee, a dealer prep fee, advertising fee. You are not obligated to pay all these fees, as they are regarded to be the dealership’s cost of doing business.

Above all else, always enter a dealership well-prepared to be able to avoid getting car dealer add-ons and wasting money on unnecessary products.