Warning: Car Cloning

Warning: Car Cloning

Criminals use numerous methods of car cloning. The source of all these methods is stealing the other car’s “identity”.

Criminals take the registration plates from other cars of the same model and color put them on their vehicles thus making a “clone” of another vehicle. Generally the cloned vehicle owner notices very quickly that the number plates have disappeared. So the owner pays a certain sum of money to replace the plates. Nevertheless he/she is not aware that now a cloned car exists and somebody uses it under the new identity, perhaps for some kind of illegal activity.

The owner of this cloned car can leave without paying for parking or for refueling. The crimes in which the cloned vehicle is used can be more serious ranging from organized crime or terrorist actions.

Vehicle Cloning by Means of Internet

Car cloning does not need the physical stealing of registration plates. At present there is a loophole in legislation which allows internet companies to sell replica numbers which are not to be used as real numbers.

In case of buying a new number plate for your vehicle, you must produce a proof of address, driver’s license and a log book. Anyhow there are a lot of companies which can sell the new number without any documents. So the criminals put the order with the registration number they want.

Most people know that they are victims of car cloning only when they start to get different fines, bills, parking tickets that have nothing to do with them  being practically unable to prove that they are not guilty such people have either to pay all these papers or go to the court.

The experts say that as people receive fines, bills, parking tickets or when they are accused of more serious crimes their main task is to prove that they are innocent.  Alas it is not easy, as so many people just prefer not to struggle and think that it is easier to pay than to call to the police and explain the situation. So even specialists do not actually know how many people just accept all these fines and penalties instead of challenging the system.