Car Buying Tips. Stay Within a Budget!

Buying a car is not fun, we all know that. Follow the following car buying tips in order not to be ripped off in this process without even knowing it.

1. Tell the dealer that you are not going to discuss rebates until you agree on the price of the car. Usually rebates are planned to attract new car buyers into the showroom, and they do. The manufacturer directly sends the rebates they have no bearing on the price you negotiate for your new car. Never let a rebate determine the price you will pay, stick to the number you have in your head then have the rebate applied. As you have discussed the price make entirely certain the rebate is then deducted from the price on the final bill of sale.

2. Avoid locking yourself into a high monthly payment. As a usual the sales person asks what you are willing to pay each month, whatever number you throw out will be the least you will ever pay, and usually they will add on a chunk of change that they think they can squeeze out of you. What you want to do is only talk about the final sales price of the car, then once that is decided you will work out what your payments each month will be.

3. Avoid fees that are extra money makers for the dealer. Discuss the car’s final sales price and then if the dealer tries to throw on extra fees after that is done do not pay them under any circumstances. Inform them that the price you decided is the price you will surely pay, and tell them to build it into the price or you are walking out. If they say no then give them a card with your number and get up and walk out, they are not going to let you go for a few small fees, and if they do let you go the next dealer will not.

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