Useless Fees in the Car Buying Process

In this article you will get information about useless and fraudulent fees commonly added by car dealers, which will help you avoid automobile dealer fraud.

Window etching scam. The car dealer will offer to etch the VIN number onto the windshield of your, for which you will have to pay approximately from $200 to $1150. What you don’t know is the dealer makes a huge profit for an unnecessary service. You can easily do this yourself for $30.

Transportation fee. Though this is a legitimate fee, make sure you’re not being charged for it twice. Transportation fees may sometimes turn into useless fees.

Rust proofing, fabric protection and under coating. Car dealers have been trying to push these scams on their customers for years. You may pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for these worthless service.

Dealer prep scam. This is one of the best examples of automobile dealer fraud. When you’re buying a new car it is already prepared for sale by the manufacturer. If there is any other preparation to be done then you are not required to pay for it. If any amount for the preparation fee is included in the sales contract than don’t sign it and walk away from the dealership. The dealership will not want to lose a customer and will have to take the fee off the sales contract.

Environmental fee. This is another good example of automobile dealer fraud. Some dealerships may tell you this is mandatory and was put into place by the government. This is not true.

Market adjustment fee. This can be another example of useless fees. Sometimes customers have to pay more t get a popular vehicle. However if the vehicle is in stock and on the lot and the car dealer charges you for a hard to get popular vehicle, then this is a scam. Don’t fall for it.

Extended warranty scam. The customer is the one to decide whether he/she wants to purchase an extended warranty or not. Sometimes the car dealers tell their customers that they should purchase an extended warranty in order to get financing. Remember, that it is better to get an extended warranty somewhere other than at the dealership. In case you decide to buy it from the dealership make sure it is in writing in the sales contract.

Avoid automobile dealership fraud by being suspicious. If you feel that something doesn’t sound right, maybe it’s not.


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