Auto Deaaler Fraud

DEALER FRAUDAuto dealer fraud” is a term that describes deceptive and unlawful practices used by automobile dealers, at almost any stage of the vehicle purchase process. In other words, it is the sale or leasing of a vehicle without proper disclosure of known defects and/or dangerous conditions. Common examples of dealer fraud include the failure to disclose the vehicle’s previous use as a rental, existing frame damage, previous involvement in a collision, accurate condition of a vehicle, “salvage” title, odometer tampering, prior “lemon law” buy-back, etc. A consumer who has been a victim of dealer fraud is entitled to remedies under State and Federal Laws. Unfortunately, most consumers are not aware of the fact that they are victims of auto dealer fraud and when they do discover the fraud, they are unaware of their rights.

Hovanes Margarian is the foremost attorney in the state of California in the area of auto dealer fraud.  With hundreds of successful recoveries against fraudulent dealers we offer the consumer aggressive and competent representation at no out-of-pocket costs.  In most dealer fraud cases we represent the consumer on contingency bases – we recover the consumer’s actual damages plus our attorney’s fees and costs plus often times punitive damages.  We encourage you to educate yourself about the various types of dealer fraud by reading our website and then contacting us directly if you believe you too were a victim of automobile dealership fraud.