Dealer Scam: Buying a Used Car “As Is”

Dealer Scam: Buying a Used Car “As Is”

Buying a used car “as is” is just a common thing in the automotive field. This is a car dealer scam that works this way: the dealer tries to sell you a car that has previously been wrecked and tells you that the car is in a great shape. The car has the federally required Buyers Guide sticker which states: “As Is, No Warranty”. This means that you are buying a used car and realize that you cannot return the car, because you agreed to accept any damages that accompany your “As Is, No Warranty”.

People get tricked and believe the dealer when they are told that the car was never wrecked. A few weeks later when running an AutoCheck Vehicle History Report they find out that the car was a wreck. When the scammed buyers confront the car dealer, they are told that they signed an “AS IS” paper and cannot expect anything from the dealers. The “As Is” paper becomes an unassailable alibi for the dealer.

To avoid the “As is car scam you just need to remember one thing: never buy a used car from a dealer “As is” with no warranty. Try to get at least a 30 day warranty when buying a car from a dealership.

Before buying any used car always run an AutoCheck report on it and get it inspected by a mechanic. A car mechanic will tell you in a minute whether or not the car has been wrecked.

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