What to Ask when Buying a Used Car at Auction

It`s very difficult not to yield to the temptation of the “car auction” advertisements on TV or in print media. But is it a good idea to purchase an auction vehicle? As with anything, buying a used car at auction has its pros and cons. Let us throw light on how to get a good deal.

The risk with buying a used car at auction is you can`t have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic and get a test drive. So the customer should find out everything related to the car by asking crucial questions.

Can I see vehicle documentation?

The customer, by all means, should ask the auctioneers to show him car documentation including V5 or a Log Book. V5 will disclose key information about the vehicle and its registered keeper. Car history will show whether the vehicle was well maintained, whereas MOT test checks will reveal whether the vehicle meet environmental standards and road safety.

Do Auctioneers Have Title in Hand?

When buying a used car it`s a common practice to ask for vehicle title. Statements like “we have no title in hand” or “it`s in transit” are red flags. This indicates that there are some problems with the car history and it`s not as clean as the auctioneers are trying to present. Buying a car without the title means that the owner won`t be able to have it properly registered and sell it legally.

Can I Check the Car?

Vehicles sold at auctions cannot be taken for a test drive and the customers can`t have them inspected by a mechanic. But when buying a used car at the auction examining its exterior and interior is a must. First, pay attention to the brand and condition of tyres. Bodywork should be thoroughly inspected to reveal poor repairs, rust and panel alignment. Look whether the oil leaks when the car is parked. Wait till the car is started in order to listen for engine noises and check for smoke.