How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car?

Nowadays there are a lot of consumers who prefer purchasing used vehicles. Used cars are an attractive option for car shoppers. The reason is that you can drive your favorite model and save a considerable sum of money at the same time. Actually, it is not an easy task, as this process is full of dangers. You may fall into greedy and dishonest sellers’ ‘’smart’’ traps. When certain used car owners discover ‘’dark secrets’’ of their favorite vehicles, they simply become speechless. However, one of the worst scenarios is finding out that you are driving a stolen car. Generally speaking, it is indeed a huge stress for any person. This means that your hard savings that you used for making an essential investment are lost in vain. We decided to refer to effective ways of protecting yourself from purchasing a stolen car. Keep on reading to find out more.

Don’t’ forget to check the vehicle’s VIN

Prior to purchasing the vehicle consider getting the VIN of the vehicle in question. Your next step is contacting the department of motor vehicles in the state where the current automobile is registered. So, why should you do this? In fact, the goal is making sure that the vehicle is registered to the seller.

You should have the automobile’s vehicle report

It is a good idea for used car shoppers to have an access to the information concerning the automobile’s history. That’s why; don’t hesitate to obtain the history reports of the car. To achieve this goal you can use the services of Carfax or the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). With the help of Carfax, consumers can get in-depth history report. You can get to know whether the used vehicle has faced accidents or had title issues or recalls. In addition to that, the NICB has a free database. It may assist you in having a clear idea if the automobile was reported as stolen.

Be suspicious when the seller asks for cash

Try to avoid paying in cash for the used car. Typically, in this situation, consumers don’t get receipts or bank documentation. Thus, here is a piece of valuable advice for you. Always request for certain paperwork, which aims to legally bind the automobile to you.

You should be extremely cautious with sellers

Most frequently, many dishonest sellers, as well as thieves put alluring advertisements online. These deals are so attractive that not any car shopper can resist this temptation. This is one of the widespread tricks that car scammers use to cheat car buyers. Most of them regret making the purchase, as they discover that they purchased a stolen car.

You had better inspect the used vehicle yourself and ask a good mechanic take a close look

Inspecting the used vehicle in a proper way is a reasonable step. Pay attention to the VIN number of the vehicle. In case you notice that it isn’t readable on the door or dash, this is already a warning sign. Also, take the vehicle to the mechanic who earned your trust. A skilled professional will alert you about the mechanical problems of the vehicle. Furthermore, a good mechanic may let you know whether the seller did something odd to the automobile. So, if you find out about any aftermarket parts or damages, consider it a red flag.

Don’t hesitate to walk out

Whenever you feel that this deal seems a ‘’fairy tale’’, just walk out. You can find a better deal elsewhere. If you have doubts, don’t take any risk. If the seller is illegitimate, you are the one to lose your savings.

Finally, we hope that you will find the above-mentioned piece of advice useful to avoid purchasing a stolen car. However, the wisest decision for used car buyers is dealing with a reputable dealer. Purchasing a used vehicle from an unknown seller is dangerous.