Buying Rules for a Used Car (Part Two)

Buying Rules for a Used Car (Part Two)

Rules for Buying a Used Car

As you read in my previous post there are a lot of tricks that dealers use when you go to them for buying a car, a used car. Find below some more useful rules that you need to follow.

Rule #4: Avoid Dealer Fraud when buying a used car

Salesman and Manager

If the salesman starts with “Wow! It’s a very low price. I have to talk to the manager” game, don’t let him/her play that game with you. Don’t let them make you wait and get more attached to the car. The best defense here is to say beforehand that you don’t tolerate waiting. Say that it’s your final price; if they start to make excuses, then leave!

Don’t Sign Anything

The dealer will try to make you sign some papers as your offer of price to the dealer. It all influences the psychology, to make you feel committed. Don’t sign anything until you are given a paper stating your ownership of the car. After that you sign only the form of your payment.

Credit Card Company doesn’t Protect you from a Lemon

Signing a credit card slip is the same as writing a check, so don’t you think that the credit card company can protect if you sign a credit card slip then find out that you bought a lemon.

Rule #5: Watch out for a Few Things When Buying a Car, a Used Car

When test driving your car (on the way to a mechanic) watch out for several things, then report about your discoveries to the mechanic so that he can investigate and find out if those are really problems or not.
Here are the points you have to pay attention to…




Suspension and Frames



For new cars as well as pay attention to rules 2, 3, 4.
Read next post to learn about some more rules relating buying a car.