Should I Buy Flood Damaged Cars?

Today an increased number of car shoppers opt for used vehicles. The main reason is that used cars are usually a quite affordable option. You spend less financial means and instead become the owner of your dream car. However, the reality is that this vehicle may frequently fall short of your expectations.  You may have serious headaches later when it turns out that the vehicle fails to operate as expected. Thus, purchasing such cars is full of dangers, as you are unaware of the vehicle’s past life. Sometimes used vehicles are actually flood damaged cars, which car scammers ‘’dress up’’ in a perfect way. It looks new and so irresistible that you don’t even think it is a flood damaged car.  Let’s refer to signs of flood damaged cars and tips that will help you spot these cars.

Tips to detect flood damaged cars

As a matter of fact, flood-damaged cars are mainly unreliable and safe. Sadly, unethical and dishonest car dealers frequently attempt to conceal the vehicle’s actual title.  Here are some useful tips suggested by the National Automobile Dealers Association that can assist you in spotting such cars.

  • An essential step that you should take as an informed car buyer is checking the car’s title. Having an access to the vehicle’s title history is the key to finding out whether the vehicle is flood-damaged.
  • Taking a close look at the vehicle’s interior, as well as the engine compartment.
  • Examining the floorboard carpet of the car. Make sure that there are no stain marks from evaporated water that have nothing to do with air-conditioning pan leaks.
  • You should look under the vehicle’s dashboard. If you notice dried mud or musty odor in the carpet or trunk, this is a serious cause for concern.
  • Inspect the car in a proper way. You should ensure that there is no rust on screws in the parts where the water usually can’t penetrate if it is not submerged.
  • Don’t forget to observe alternator crevices, also behind wiring harnesses. In case you discover grit or mud, this means that you are probably dealing with a flood damaged car.
  • The vehicle’s electrical wiring system should also be in the center of your attention. If a car is flood damaged, you will come across rusted components or water residue.
  • Another essential tip is checking the undercarriage of other components. Water flooded vehicles usually come with rust and flaking metal.

 What are the signs of flood damaged cars?

When purchasing a used car, pay attention to certain signs, which are the evidence that you are dealing with a flood damaged car. You should use your common senses for detecting flood-damaged vehicles.

It is worth to point out that smell and watermarks are among the obvious signs of flood damage. Did you notice that the used car is damp? In this case, you should ask the dealer questions exactly where the vehicle has been.  The smell of the mold is also the indicator of that something is definitely wrong with the car.

It is true that water damage is usually visible. A proper inspection is what you need to spot the signs of water damage.  If the scammer offers you a flood damaged vehicle ,you may discover these signs in the rugs, seat belts and ceiling fabric.  Did you see a new rug on an old car?  Did you notice that the fabrics don’t match? Don’t forget that this is definitely a red flag.

Very frequently you can also detect mud and silt in various nooks of the car. The reason is that such debris is not easy to clean. So, careful examination may help you spot these signs. Actually, any pooling water found under the rugs or seats is the reason to suspect flood damage.  In addition to that, moisture is typical of the vehicle’s headlights as well.   It isn’t a secret for any person that a vehicle with flood damage may have serious electrical issues. That’s why, testing out electrical elements, like radio, seats or blinkers is vital.

Finally, whenever you have doubts that something is wrong with the car, simply turn back and leave the dealership. It doesn’t matter how alluring the deal seems, purchasing this vehicle will cause a lot of headaches in the future.