Buying a Car with a Previous Accident

Buying a Car with a Previous Accident

Do you know the definition of the word tragedy? It is buying a car with a previous accident.

This will not merely be a headache for you but a real nightmare. I will now tell you a short story about a man who bought a “dream car” for $40.000 and had to suffer a great deal after that.

Alan, the actual buyer and now already the owner of the wrecked car was eager to buy a luxury car of his dreams. Like many naïve car buyers, he was not patient enough to examine all the documents and facts connected with the vehicle. He was dazzled by the vehicle’s seeming perfectness and also the price which was so low considering the vehicle’s mileage. The salesperson on his part was tricky enough to show Alan a false Carfax report of the car which mentioned no previous accident at all.

Naturally, this dream of Alan couldn’t last longer. Some very short period later he noticed problems with the car and turned to Carfax. Here, the truth was revealed; the car had undergone previous accident and rather a severe one.

What we can see here is a rather common auto dealer scam i.e. non-disclosure of previous accident, damage or wreck of the car. Moreover, the dealership provided the buyer with false car history.

Now think what can Alan do with the car? The car price is usually determined by the age of your car, the miles you have driven it and possible previous accident/accidents it has undergone. A new car’s value starts to drop as soon as you buy it. So, this means that Alan will not possibly be able to sell the car or trade it in.

In such cases the fraudulent car dealer will possibly suggest you another car. This time consumers like Alan should be extremely cautious. If you are not competent enough to examine the car yourself then turn to a skilled mechanic. Do not spare money to buy a Carfax history of the car and never rely on the one your dealer provides you with.

If however, you have had such an experience as Alan had, turn to a car fraud attorney. Be careful to choose one by right area of expertise and state. The possibility that you may be able to return your money back with the help of the consumer fraud attorney is high. Also, be careful to act promptly not to face time limitations.