What is the benefit of buying a car from the dealer?

What is the benefit of buying a car from the dealer?

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions in car buyer’s life. Every buyer wants the money, invested for that purposes, to be beneficial and productive. This means that the final result, which is a car itself, should be in a good state containing the full history of use. Generally, cars purchased from the individuals lack this information, which can harm not only your pocket but your life as well, which is the most important. However, dealing with car dealers will significantly reduce such kind of losses.

Dealing with car manufacturers provides the following package of benefits:

  1. If you buy a car from the individual instead of the dealer and after you find out some defective parts about which you were not introduced, you are restricted to be compensated under the dealer fraud. The reason is that dealer fraud applies to the dealers and not to the individuals. Of course, if the individual hides some information about the car from the buyer, he is to be fined for it by the law. But when the customer has to receive the compensation from the dealer due to the fraud car, the amount and terms of compensation are really differ from that of dealing with the individual. That is why we advise you to buy a car from the automaker and be more protected by the law.


  1. Car dealers provide a written warranty, the existence of which is crucial for protecting your rights. If you don’t have a written warranty but your case can be viewed as a dealer fraud, you won’t win the case definitely. Dealer fraud applies only if the written warranty exists for the particular product. Mostly, individual sellers don’t provide a written warranty; instead, they try to convince you orally that in the case of problems you can refer to them anytime.

The reasons for buying cars from the dealers are not limited to these two. They also include reliability, trademark, liability and your personal attitude and preferences towards the dealer.

As a law firm, we advise you to turn to the dealers when thinking of buying a car. In that situation, you have privileges at the dealer. This means that you can even receive full compensation or part of it, or the defective car can be replaced with an identical new one. If you decide to find out more on this topic, visit our website at www.dealerfraud.org. In case you are a victim of a dealer fraud situation, call Hovanes Margarian for a free case review. His wide experience in dealer fraud will help you be refunded and be protected by law.