7 Signs You are about to Buy a Stolen Car?

7 Signs You are about to Buy a Stolen Car?

In fact, purchasing a vehicle is an essential investment. You need to make considerable efforts to find the best deal. So, it is frustrating when you purchase a vehicle and afterward find out that is stolen. Sadly, many unsuspecting car buyers fall victims of dishonest sellers and become the owners of stolen car. It is worth to mention that unscrupulous thieves are professional when it comes to selling stolen cars. They can take any step to make a large amount of money at the expense of naïve consumers. Sometimes, their hearts are full of so much excitement that they don’t pay attention to important details.

Cloning is a widespread trick among thieves for obtaining some cash for a stolen vehicle. What they do is simply taking a license plate, as well as VIN and stickers from a legal vehicle and putting them on a stolen automobile, which is of the similar model. Are you willing to avoid losing your savings and experiencing stressful situations? We urge you to pay attention to these common signs that you are about to purchase a stolen car.

You have certain doubts concerning the VIN of the vehicle

Beware; thieves at times succeed in switching out the VIN from the same car. If you notice that the number is tampered with or scratched, this is a grave warning sign. To prevent such unlucky situations, you have to take certain precautions. To begin with, when inspecting the vehicle locate the VIN of the car. Typically, you can find it on the driver’s side at the base of the windshield and dashboard.

In addition to that, Carfax and the National Insurance Crime Bureau offer free tools to check the history of the vehicle.  We would like to note that the NICB’s VINCheck is a trustworthy service. It aims to assist consumers in having a clear idea whether the vehicle in question was reported as stolen or salvage.  Actually, this is an effective tool and the key to protecting yourself against purchasing a stolen car. Do you have the VIN of the automobile in question? You have the opportunity of conducting 5 searches during 24 hours per IP address.

Dealing with unknown seller

Nowadays it is legitimate for sellers to advertise a vehicle for sale using online websites. Watch out, as in most cases experienced thieves build their ‘’nests’’ here.  This is a perfect method to scam car buyers who are looking for the ‘’perfect’’ deal. Unfortunately, this trick produces ’’best results’’, as surprisingly low price allures many people.  To be on the safe side, avoid trusting unknown sellers. Do appropriate research to find out everything about the seller. Once you discover the certain piece of information that makes you doubt the reliability of the seller, forget about this deal.

The seller informs you that you should pay in cash 

A typical scenario of such a situation is this one. You have already approached the negotiation table and ensured that your ‘’dream deal’’ is a reality. However, the seller informs you that you have to pay in cash. It is obviously a serious reason to be suspicious about the honesty and trustworthiness of the seller. This means that you won’t get the receipt or bank documentation. Definitely, it isn’t a wise decision to take such a risk. You may end up losing everything, your money, car and good mood as well if you obtain a stolen car.  ALWAYS make the seller provide you with some sort of paperwork which legally binds the car to you. Make sure it also contains information regarding the seller.

Something is wrong with the paperwork

The seller is ready to provide you with the paperwork. But ‘’all that glitters is not gold.’’ It is appropriate to mention this well-known saying in this situation. As a wise car buyer, take your time to examine the paperwork in detail. For instance, discovering that the seller printed the paperwork on the back of some flyer, it is an alarming sign.  Most probably, you are about to become the owner of a stolen car. Make sure the document lacks any discrepancies, like misspellings. This is something typical of fake paperwork.

Fake license plates

When purchasing a used car, the license plates should be on your list of essential points of consideration. If the vehicle is reliable and safe, the license plates are up to snuff. Do you want a piece of valuable advice?  Don’t be lazy to carry out a detailed background check.  This is the key to finding answers to the following questions, ‘’ Are license plates reflective?  ‘’Is that design available in that state? ‘’What are they made of cardboard or a sheet of a printer?’’

The deal is simply irresistible

It is a common and widely used technique by many wrongdoers and deceitful sellers. They know that an increased number of car buyers are likely to obtain their favorite vehicle make and model with the lowest price. For this reason, they get into thieves’ trap, when coming across their dream deal on some advertisement. The temptation of paying less and gaining their dream car makes them blind. Sadly, the reality is different. For a moment think about headaches and financial problems that you may experience if you purchase a stolen car. That’s why, if a deal seems too unrealistic, it probably is.

Are you planning to purchase a used car? Take your time to do your homework to be certain that your purchase is legitimate and legal. Most importantly, make sure that you are not about to buy a stolen car. Finally,  the above-mentioned points will help you detect stolen car sellers and protect yourself and your loved ones. Being a knowledgeable car shopper is the key to having a peace of mind and obtaining a reliable automobile.