How to Avoid Bump and Grind Car Dealer Scam?

How to Avoid Bump and Grind Car Dealer Scam?

The bump and grind scam is rather a common thing these days and a lof of people do not know how to avoid them. Many used car dealers have a bad reputation for dirty tricks, car dealer scams a consumer should prefer never to face. Luckily for consumers, not all dealers are guilty of these dreaded car buying scams. It turns out there are honest and ethical car dealers who take care of customers. But still, there are dealers that cheat the customers. There must be a remedy to counteract their actions and help consumers avoid scams.

One of the most commonly used car dealer scams is bump and grind. This scam occurs while a salesperson and a customer negotiate the price of the car and terms of purchase. Salesperson uses bump and grind negotiation tactic to gradually raise the price of the vehicle. What about raising the price (bumping it) by $250 (or whatever)?

It is the first but not the last “bump”. Then the salesperson will disappear for a while making the customer think that he is “grinding” away for his benefit. The buyer might think that the salesperson is trying to offer the best price. Instead, he may be having a quick smoke, taking a coffee break,  or just working out new car dealer scams.

When the salesperson is back he tells that raising the price by only $ 250 was too optimistic, instead, he offers the second bump, $ 600 and assures that in this case, the boss will consider the offer by all means.

There are many rounds in this game, the following “bumps” can be offered on the following stages – credit approval, trade appraisal etc. If the customer yields to the salesperson’s persuasions he will end up paying much more than he planned.

How to avoid bump and grind scam?

There is only one way to avoid this scam, just tell the salesperson that their “negotiating” games don`t impress you and they are wasting time trying to raise the price by different tricks. If they continue with the bump and grind scam or try to switch to other car buying scams just leave the dealership.