Bump and Grind Car Scam And How to Avoid It

Bump and Grind Car Scam starts while you and the dealer begin to negotiate about any offer concerning the car. Purchasing a used car is a great way to get a car without paying a huge amount. Especially on a monthly basis. Frequently, used cars can be great for limited budget. Particularly, for those who are looking to only drive a car in brief stints. The unfortunate part is that there are a lot of stressful car scams out there. Bump and Grind Car Scams is one of the most delicate ones.

Bump and grind car scam begin while you and the car dealer are negotiating the price of the car. While in the negotiation process, you will make an offer on the car. The seller will say something like: “ I don’t know if my supervisor will accept an offer like this. If we BUMP up the price, he will then turn to your offer.” The sooner you give in to this bump, the more bump increases you will receive. And before you know it, you are paying A LOT more than you’d like to.

The best way to avoid this situation is telling that your price is final.  And if not accepted, you can find another dealer. It is VERY important that you know when and how to walk away from a car dealer. Especially if you are looking to save money on a used vehicle in the long run. Be careful, don`t yield to dealer`s persuasions; it will save you hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars.

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