Avoiding Common Car Scams

avoiding common car scams

You may have read different articles on how to avoid a certain car scam. In this article, I am going to give you some general tips on avoiding common car scams. We are not going to fix on a separate car dealer scam or a private seller scam; we are just going to look through those simple things you can do to avoid being scammed whenever buying a vehicle. Thus, independent of the fact whether you are buying a new or a used car, you may follow these tips to prevent car fraud.

  • Always enter the dealership decided. This means that you should do your research before speaking to the salesperson. Know the average car price of the vehicle you may want to purchase. This will help you calculate your further monthly payments and see whether you can afford to buy the car or not. Besides, you will not become a victim of dealer fraud where the dealer tries to lure the customer by offering him/her a low monthly payment.
  • Never go to the dealership alone. Some dealers are good at manipulation techniques. They may be able to tempt you by a car deal with such terms that are not good for your pocket. Thus, taking a friend or a family member with you will help you avoid such scenarios, as there will be at least someone who will give you a good piece of advice when needed.
  • Test drive the vehicle before signing any purchase contracts. I would advise you to test drive several vehicles. You can thus compare them and see which one is the best option for you.
  • Manage your financing before entering the dealership. You had better pay cash or turn to a bank or a credit union for financing rather than ask the dealer to arrange to finance for your car loan.
  • Be careful when signing the contracts. Make sure there are no open spaces in the contract. The dealer may add some lines in the contract without your knowledge.
  • Ask the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car. The dealer must provide you with it; otherwise, you can just leave the dealership without uttering a word. The thing is that the VIN will help you know more about the car’s history. Enter the car VIN in Autocheck or CarFax to see whether the car has ever undergone serious accidents.

Hope, these tips will be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about avoiding common car scams you can bookmark our website.