Avoiding Auto Repair Fraud

After car buying, there is another important step which is car maintenance. You need to take care of your car’s “health” in order not to appear in various car repair shops every two or three months. But however hard you try, there will one day be a reason for you to take your car to have it repaired and here, automatically you should have to face auto repair fraud. This, of course, doesn’t mean all the car repair companies or dealerships are tricky or dishonest. There are both scrupulous and unscrupulous players in the sphere. This article will help you avoid auto repair fraud by giving a few tips for that.

  • Every kind of auto repair service has its estimated cost. So, whenever you take your car to a dealership or a repair shop, make sure you are provided with a written estimate. It is crucial to get the estimate in writing. If you do not get it, then you are sure to fall a victim of a scam. The scenario is as follows; you will be told a certain estimate but after you come back to take your car, you will be astonished to find a few hundred or even thousands of dollars added to the repair cost. There will be no evidence of your preliminary negotiations, so you will have to face the bill.
  • Usually, tricky auto repairing companies advertise their services at surprisingly low prices. But when you go to them, you are asked to pay thousands of dollars more for the same services. This means you have to be careful not to trust such advertisements. Be smart, read the fine print, it always mentions the exceptions and the rest.
  • Another type of auto repair fraud is when a car repairer tells you he has revealed extra problems in the vehicle and had to fix them, so you must pay extra bills for that. Never believe such stories.
  • There are some car repair shops that ask you for money to replace your old car parts. Instead, they replace them not with new ones, but with those of used cars or they just install sub-standard car parts. Here, you can hardly do anything if not ask them to give you back your old car parts they have replaced.

These were the main tips you should follow. Now, some blitz tips which will again be helpful;

  • Do not choose a repair shop or company judging by an advertisement or a repair price they offer.
  • Follow friends’ or family’s advice while picking a repair company.
  • If you liked the service of a company, then keep the relationship. Do not jump from one to the other.
  • Pay for the services with your credit card. Later on, you can dispute the charges by the help of your credit card bill.
  • Run all the correspondence in writing to have a proof at the end.
  • If you feel you have fallen a victim of auto repair fraud and you cannot make head and tale of it, contact a good attorney.
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