How to Avoid Curbstoners

Only you, a buyer of any used car, has the responsibility of detecting scams before you end up being scammed. Following are some tips to help you avoid curbstoners:

  • In case the price seems too good for what you are getting, when buying a used car, you could be getting scammed.
  • Be sure, that the driver license of the seller is consistent with that of the title of the car. In case of buying a car on the internet, ask that the seller provide clear scanned images of both documents, and if the names do not match, do NOT buy the car!
  • Take the car to a mechanic that you trust, in order inspect it. He can find problems with the product that people would normally not notice.
  • Use vehicle history reports. These reports will help identifying any vehicles that have been in major accidents, have rolled-back odometers, etc. They will also show title transfers. In case you see there have been 1 or 2 title transfers or more in the past couple years, you’d better avoid this vehicle.
  • Buy a car from reputable car dealers. Finding them is rather difficult, but they do exist. They’d better be in business for quite some time and have certified used car programs.
  • Avoid buying a car on the internet. It is better to test drive the car personally, but in case you DO make the decision to buy a car online, try to pick it up on person and ask that the seller lets you to annul the deal if you are dissatisfied with the car’s condition when you see it in actuality.

Any car buyer will be able to avoid curbstoners if he/she is well-prepared for that. Keep on reading our articles to get more informed on what other scams auto dealers may practice on you.