How to Avoid Common Auto Dealer Scams and Tricks?

Car selling requires certain qualities both professional and personal, and also years of practice in the car selling field. Because of these long years of practice and also because of some qualities (often the personal ones), car sellers/dealers have become apt to cheating, deceiving, ripping off unsuspecting, uneducated and naive car shoppers. That’s why very often, car consumers simply become victims of auto dealer scams and tricks. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot avoid auto dealer tricks. Acquiring knowledge from the right place will save you thousands of dollars. Thus, here we selected some tips to help you avoid auto dealer tricks.

  • First of all, when entering a car dealership one should have a clear image of what is going to happen, what kind of auto dealer scams and tricks he is going to face. This means that the car buyer should know at least about the most common tricks auto dealers like to practice.
  • People select the exact make and model of the car they want to buy before going to the dealership. But, unfortunately, very often they do not know the car’s real market value and usually have to pay more than they have to. There are various websites that offer information about every make and model including their price and other necessary details. One should consult such a website before negotiating a car price.
  • Also, there are incentives or the so called rebates that manufacturers pay the dealership for selling certain cars. So, be aware of such incentives and let the car dealer know about it in order to avoid auto dealer tricks.
  • Auto dealer scams and tricks involve financing scams as well. These usually occur when a car buyer turns to the dealership for the financing. The dealer here has hundreds of ways to cheat the buyer. For example, they may say you qualify for the loan and you can take the car home, but then call you back to inform you that you need to pay either higher interest rates or you will have to return the car. To avoid such a scenario, you must ensure that all the purchase-related contracts are in a proper condition and are signed before the moment when you take the car home
  • Some auto dealers try to focus the buyers’ attention on the monthly payments rather than the car’s actual price. So, do not be a payment-buyer. Consider the amount of your pocket and look on the price first.
  • Auto dealer scams and tricks involve also a scenario where the dealer persistently asks you how much money you plan to use to buy the car. Remember, never tell them this! You can tell them about you requirements, the car model etc. but never tell them any numbers connected with the price. Moreover, if you are with a friend or family member and you are talking to each other discussing the pros and cons of the deal, make sure nobody of the stuff listens to you. They will very often eavesdrop on your conversation to predict your upcoming steps to be able to set traps.

We will inform you about other ways how to avoid auto dealer tricks as well. Hope, these ones were helpful.

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