Ask Questions and Avoid Car Scams

Ask Questions and Avoid Car Scams

To be a knowledgeable car buyer one needs to invest the necessary time and money on what is called homework or prep stage i.e. studying car sale information, researching and consulting with trusted friends or experts regarding the authenticity and details of the car. After the homework is done properly, the rest is a simple buying transaction. The more prepared a buyer, the smoother the transaction!

There are three main points for preventing car scams:

1.    Know What You Want to Purchase
2.   Research Your Vehicle
3. Ask questions

This blog will cover the third point from start to finish. Before you physically look at the car, contact the seller and ask the questions that you are interested in. Here are a number of key questions classified by categories to ask the seller even if the details are not mentioned in the ad.

Drive Train, Engine, Options

  • Drive train specs (hp, rear axle ratio, engine size, transmission type)
  • Options – A/C PS, PB, trim packages, Vinyl roof
  • How does the car run?

Body and Interior

  • Interior color and condition
  • Body panels original, frame damage, any accidents, paint and body panel condition?
  • Currently inspected and roadworthy or project restoration car?
  • Mileage or other known mechanical problems?

Title and Price

How does it look?

  • Can you get detailed digital pictures?
  • Send to experts or post on a forum for opinions.


  • Will they allow you to bring in an expert, or independent third party to inspect and verify the car?
  • Is there a place locally where you could arrange to put the car up on a lift and do a visual and physical inspection?

Asking questions and making sure you get detailed answers to them is the best way to avoid auto scams. For consultation and help on dealer fraud and car scams cases, please contact our car attorney.