Top 5 Rules to Avoid Car Dealer Fraud (part 2)

avoid-car-dealer-fraudIn order to avoid car dealer fraud, let us now to introduce the rest of rules that we haven’t mentioned in the previous post.

3. Get all promises in a written form

Be informed that verbal promises don’t have any validity and they are worthless as compared with written promises. Make sure that every promise given by the dealership is written in the form provided by the dealer. And what is important here is that both sides should sign under those promises.

4. Document any verbal communication

When you go to the dealer and you start discussing what kind of vehicle it is, its history, technical parameters, etc., remember to come back home and send the dealership an email. In the email, try to appoint another visit because e.g. your friend wants to test the vehicle as well. This is a very important email in that you put all verbal communication between you and dealership in a written form. In the email, mention the details that have been described by the dealership.

5. Keep your documents in a safe place

 It is very essential to have all documents in a safe place. If you keep your documents e.g. in the glove box of your car, that is not a safe place since every moment you can lose them. As an example can serve when you go to the dealership for some complaint and you leave your car there for repair, the dealership can take and throw them away.

The top rules to avoid being defrauded by the dealership can help you take advantage in the court, i.e. win the case if you have been tricked when purchasing or leasing a used car.

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