5 Tips to Avoid Auto Sales Scams

There is nothing worse for a consumer than falling for auto sales scams. The purchase of the vehicle is one of the most important purchases and if you fall for the scams of a car dealer you can loose a lot of money. Following are 5 important tips you can use to avoid auto sales scams.

1. Always go into a dealership with a strong understanding of how much you can afford for monthly payments. Remember, that a car dealer wants to sell you a car and make a profit and will often try to get you to spend more.

2. Watch out for predetermined monthly payments. It’s a common tactic for dealerships to plaster a sign on the vehicle windshield advertising a low monthly payment for the car. This makes customers believe like they are getting a good deal. However, when you add up the total cost you find you are actually overpaying. This is why you should always have the total cost calculated before signing any document.

3. One of the oldest auto sales scams is a classic bait and switch. The car dealer will give you a great price break on the car up-front only to load up his profits by adding a lot of unnecessary extras such as extended warranties, gap insurance plans and special paint sealants. Avoid it by declining any extras.

4. “This deal is only good for today.” This is a common dealer trick and is designed to get you to buy today. The truth is car dealer is afraid that if you leave the dealership and think the deal over you will never come back again. The dealership will still be willing to sell you the car and make you a deal tomorrow.

5. You can negotiate any price. Never get to thinking that the terms of the sale are final. It is good for you to know that any price is negotiable at a car dealership.